At Inoue, everything from planning to production and testing is carried out under the one roof. This allows us to respond flexibly and rapidly to meet our customer's needs.

Quickly grasp market needs and respond with attractive proposals.

As well as planning and developing our individual range of products, we also service customer requests and work with an array of OEMs. Our broad product range and depth of experience means we can come up with a manufacturing proposal to satisfy any customer.

Daily manufacturing on the basis of our strict production management system.

We conduct thorough process management in our factory of over 300 spindles, in order to produce products of the highest quality, day in, day out. Because we have an assorted range of small and large machinery, we can cater to any customer, from large lot to small.

No defects. Our expert staff conduct careful testing.

Though our products are small, our expert staff use special testing equipment so that each item is checked individually, with the human eye, for marks, adhesion defects and other detailed items. Even after packaging, we make sure that no fault should escape our attention and that no inferior quality products are shipped.

With care, we send our products to you.

We have created a sorting and distribution system to bring you the daily fruits of our labor. Our shipping center will ensure prompt delivery so that you'll soon be enjoying a carefully crafted Inoue products.