Original Goods

From Hair Bands to Original Goods

Our main products are our hair bands of which we have assembled a range of colors and varieties unmatched throughout the industry. In addition to our hair band line-up, we are continually developing products to meet the needs of our customers or the vagaries of fashion. Notable examples include our "Insect Repellent Bracelet", infused with natural Citronella oil, our "Anti-static Bracelet" that utilizes a special thread to prevent the build-up of static electricity, and the "Kenny Series" which employs an odor neutralizing fabric.


OEM Supply

OEM Suppliers

From major sporting good manufacturers and large convenience store and discount shop chains to small individual shops, we supply OEM products to a various industries and brands.

Materials Supply

Material Supply

We produce and supply elastic and fabric used in the manufacture of clothing and stationery supplies as well as the ribbons and wrappings for sweets packaging. Please contact us for further information.