Tsukui is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.
It is here that through a cultural traditional of weaving arts , we seek to nurture the local community.

Our partner city Tsukui is nestled amongst a natural treasure trove of crystal clear waters and beautiful mountains. As we feel it is our duty to pass this natural bounty on to future generations, the environment is an issue that is very close to our hearts and we strive daily to reduce waste. We also seek to continue the traditional weaving skills that are born of this area's cultural heritage. To this end we actively conduct workshops and demonstrations through seminars and exhibitions to ensure that this artistry is not lost to the next generation. We place looms in tourist facilities throughout the area so that people can feel closer to their heritage of weaving. The beauty of nature, and our cultural tradition of weaving. It is these two precious assets that we want to hold dear as we carry on into tomorrow.