Greetings from Inoue

I am the third president of Inoue Company, which was established in 1928. The primary president was fond of braided cord manufacturing business, so he had re-started and made the foundation for the industry when factory had to close down due to the war. The second generation president, He had original idea for making a braiding code in to a braiding elastic cord to produce hair elastics. This lead Inoue’s position changed into a main manufacture, not sub-constructor, and expanded the company scale. I am the third generation president. I am not so abscessed about using our manufactured goods. The Inoue members and I would like to make anything good and special product out of any kinds of materials every day. Of cause we will keep manufacturing our traditional products with safe and secure, and high quality sprits. But now, I know this is not enough to achieve, “customer satisfaction”, our management philosophy. What we need now is to have power to plan and to produce the products that makes customer satisfy. We would like to produce the merchandise that will be loved forever from the whole world.


President & CEO

Takeshi Inoue


The Manufacturing Clover.
We put our heart
into manufacturing.

We take the more than 80 years of Inoue's manufacturing history and add the passion of our workers for making beautiful products to give you our four-leaf clover logo; each leaf representing one of our four keywords: "quality", "peace of mind", "the local area" and "the environment". To this end we strive to bring you a flawless product completely at harmony with its surrounds. We also want to express the feelings and strong bonds we share with our customers and the daily ceremony involved in the motions and the softness of our hair bands. We hope for happiness for our customers and ourselves and that we should both find ourselves, "in clover".